Company history

After high demand for transformers in the family business from Pakistan, the idea came to visit Trafobleche in the country.
On 25 January 2006, I founded the company SM Metallhandel e.K. in Mannheim.
Five years later the conversion took place from the sole proprietor (e.K.) into a GmbH.

First, I operated from a bourgeoisie exclusively trade with Pakistan. In hindsight, India and China also joined. At the same time, the supplier field spread across Europe.

So it came that I rented a 100m ² hall in 2007 and hired an employee. A few months later, the space was no longer sufficient and I rented an area of ​​1,100 m² with offices, hall and open space, and also hired two new employees.
In order to meet the spatial requirements, the company has been located on a new site since 4000, in the industrial area Lampertheim, as a certified waste disposal company. Thanks to the large approval according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), we have the possibility to buy and dispose of transformers directly from energy suppliers and municipalities.
Since then, we also buy scrap and metals from private and commercial customers.